Installing Freedom Force Skins and Meshes

Installing Freedom Force Skins and Meshes

So after receiving at least 9 different emails/pings/FB messages on the subject, I decided to do a FAQ on installing Freedom Force skins and meshes from HeroForce. This section only has installation info now but will be built out with more information in coming weeks.

New Freedom Force Skins by Afghan Ant

New Freedom Force Skins by Afghan Ant

Also I’ve released all of my completed original skins, as well as, an independent release of all my of Heralds of Destiny content.

Visit my section of HeroForce to download them all.


HeroForce is #1 on Google

While I am certain this doesn’t matter to anyone else besides me but after a round of SEO and short stint of ppc, the Freedom Force content site, HeroForce, now ranks numero uno in Google for the term “freedom force skins“. This is a huge deal to me because for the last 5 years my job has been providing search engine optimization services to various clients and business in the US. So seeing that I finally toppled Alex’s Freedom Fortress (which not only had domain age but more backlinks), with keyword analysis and relevant meta data, as well as, some of my personal secret sauce – makes me proud.

HF Claims #1 Spot on Google for Freedom Force Skins

HF Claims #1 Spot on Google for Freedom Force Skins

Also if you haven’t heard, I’ve just released gaggle of Young Avengers, X-Men, Avengers, and my expansion pak – Heralds of Destiny.

Freedom Force Mod Marvel Comics - The Heralds of Destiny

Freedom Force Mod Marvel Comics - The Heralds of Destiny

  • 20 Exclusive New Skoped Meshes (13 X-Men Characters* & 7 Avengers Characters)
  • 20 New FXs (EZ FX & PFX 1.2 Installed) – Also a rerelease of my custom fxs that came with previous release work (Ares, Superboy, Cloak and Dagger, etc). There is No Installation Required and can easily be merged with your fx.dat and sound.dat if you wanted to do so.
  • Custom Selection Menu
  • Custom Music – That rocking 90’s Avengers Theme

I’m releasing a total of 42 new skoped meshes and 50 new skins (this number includes alternate costumes) –¬†Visit HeroForce to Download

* The 13th skoped mesh is …
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Freedom Force Skins by AfghanAnt

AfghanAnt Jan 10 Update

Inspired by Area34’s skopes and kitbashed skins, AfghanAnt has finished his Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely inspired New X-Men Freedom Force skins. Special thanks the extremely talented skoper/modeller, Johnny Patches for the Professor X wheelchair skope.

For to download the whole New X-Men Freedom Force skins by AfghanAnt, visit HeroForce.

AfghanAnt Dec 09 Update

Well it took me a few months, but I finally sat down and rar’ed all the work I’ve done. It took a while because I’m lazy when it comes to readmes, I was doing some work for Dr Mike’s mod (which I need to finish up), and I was in-between jobs. I took the time to do this today because I recently got my dream job and I plan on busting my arse to keep it. So my production of Freedom Force content is probably going be on halt until I get into the groove of this new position.

Anyway, I’m finally releasing my New X-Men skins I did as Emperous. I didn’t finish Beast but at this point I doubt I will.

Oh and the previews marked “FXs” have character specific fxs.¬†Superboy comes with Tactile Telekinesis, Tk Touchdown (with custom “Touchdown” sound effect), Tk Forcefield, and Heat Vision (which is just like the one in my JLA Pak but for FFVTR). ¬†Wondergirl II comes with two fxs: Lariat of Ares and Zeus’ Wrath.

Happy Holidays!

Download AfghanAnt’s newest Freedom Force content at HeroForce

There were a few meshes pointing to the wrong files but they are all now available.

  • Baxter building
  • Brood
  • Catwoman v2
  • Havok classic
  • Imperial Guard Oracle
  • Imperial Guard Smasher
  • Imperial Guard Titan
  • Mystique
  • Scarlet witch 1

Thanks, cryonic2099!

HeroForce Updates

Welcome Back Ink

The current HeroForce team would like to warmly welcome Ink’s return to the team he help created.

While he won’t be producing any new work, all of Ink’s released and unreleased meshes are now available at HeroForce.

Sharon Carter by Unkoman

Sharon Carter by Unkoman

Marvel Comics’ Sharon Carter, Agent 13 by Unkoman is available for download for Freedom Force and Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich.

The Skoped mesh was created by Champions of Freedom member, Detourne_Me.

Quick go get her now – Download Sharon Carter Skin.

Hey guys, so we have a huge update coming to HeroForce in the coming days. I think a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised.

afghanant-updateIt was mentioned a couple of days ago that several files were missing in AfghanAnt’s Marvel Section – They are now available and can be downloaded directly from the links below or on HeroForce.

Thor frog.rar


unkoman-freedom-forceAll of Unkoman’s work is now available for download.

Section updated are:



– Management

Blog Admins