AfghanAnt Dec 09 Update

Well it took me a few months, but I finally sat down and rar’ed all the work I’ve done. It took a while because I’m lazy when it comes to readmes, I was doing some work for Dr Mike’s mod (which I need to finish up), and I was in-between jobs. I took the time to do this today because I recently got my dream job and I plan on busting my arse to keep it. So my production of Freedom Force content is probably going be on halt until I get into the groove of this new position.

Anyway, I’m finally releasing my New X-Men skins I did as Emperous. I didn’t finish Beast but at this point I doubt I will.

Oh and the previews marked “FXs” have character specific fxs. Superboy comes with Tactile Telekinesis, Tk Touchdown (with custom “Touchdown” sound effect), Tk Forcefield, and Heat Vision (which is just like the one in my JLA Pak but for FFVTR).  Wondergirl II comes with two fxs: Lariat of Ares and Zeus’ Wrath.

Happy Holidays!

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