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HeroForce Updates

Welcome Back Ink

The current HeroForce team would like to warmly welcome Ink’s return to the team he help created.

While he won’t be producing any new work, all of Ink’s released and unreleased meshes are now available at HeroForce.

Months in the making – HeroForce is finally reborn. Not only have the three veteran members returned with a sleek new site but we also have a new member – Unkoman!

HeroForce V3


AfghanAnt has 17 new skins/skopes for download – Everything from the Teen Titans to his failed originals from the Weird World mod.

Podmark is back with Young X-Men’s Greymalkin.

The Ultimate Evil is back for blood with 12 new DC and Marvel character skins.

And Unkoman is all original with Weird World skins – I highly recommend everyone download Bloody

Bones, Redcaps and Ice Maiden – they are amazingly skoped and skinned.

Remember for the hottest Freedom Force skins, skopes, and add-on content, visit HeroForce!

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